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Our Foods 

The use of crisp, flavorsome, and organic foods is at the core of everything we do for our customers. Partnering with a variety of well-known organic food vendors, we are always ready to assist you in making the most deliciously custom meals that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  

Meats & Seafood 

Cooking with only the finest meats and seafood in the industry, our mature partnerships, and delicious ingredients will provide for an exceptional event. With a variety of meats offered by only the best suppliers, our unique offerings will provide you with some of the most natural options. 

Adena Farms-  was founded nearly twenty years ago and have been farming the land ever since. You'll find them right outside of Ocala more than 95,000 acres of wide-open pastures, ponds and woodlands that provide a stress-free environment where our animals roam and live naturally.

They are truly a "farm to table" business. Unlike most farms, Adena Ranch is a completely vertically integrated farm operation. That means they carefully control the entire supply chain from field to table. Allowing us to purchase only the highest quality to our client.


Harris Ranch Beef- family owned and operated since 1930, the Harris Ranch Farm produces some of the country’s finest quality beef. Establishing itself as one of the most innovative farms in the industry, the Harris Ranch Farm has consistently delivered spectacular meats for our clients. 


University of Florida- producing some of the industry’s most innovative foods, the University of Florida has been a long-term exclusive partner in providing us with simply delicious meats. With first-class production capabilities, the University of Florida is focused on quality, variety, and innovation. 



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Fresh Produce  

Crones Cradle Conservation-located thirty-five miles southeast of Gainesville in Marion County, this 756-acre ecological preserve produces appetizing organic produce, herbs, and honey. We vow to only offer our clients with enriching and flavorful foods, and the Crones Cradle Conservation always delivers. 


University of Florida-growing fresh produce, the University of Florida supplies us with healthy and nutritious vegetables. 



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